Uriah Tracy rebuts Gen Skinner and Rev (later Senator) Stanley Griswold. Griswold a relation by marriage of Skinner

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rcany 10 iiccp- ,mu iuiuuuuk -- b.-...... . yu.. .... ,.uuua: n-p. pair of ever finding them out. Had tnere utation ; I have t..ong:.t it refpectful to the been a fingle tender in company with that public to addreis them in a few words, '07 frigate flic could not have been taken but way of atu.vcr to thofe publications, that would have coa fome money. She- The conversion 1 with Mr. Gnfwold was was therefore hazarded alone, contrary to in the forms or beginning cf the fummero muciuer is aone, a competent rorce 15 to uc ol 11. aw permai or r"if,:d anJ fent !nt. thofc lca" Bat Ior liI3 .fi'Mrai ("tcments,' as puoWhcd i:s what purpofc ? We prelume forthe pur- the Mercury, I mtift declare the whole Pofe of blockading Tripoli. Should any to be a kisp.e?resextatson : and that attack be made upon that town, the proba- his itatcmerrts.contam nothing,-. fubffance, c,!"' 13 that th; hyes of about three nun-- out the moft dircci and palpab.ie un.rurhs. dred brave Amencacs, murdcred.'in. cold J .am happy in the circuaaaao-, that Dr. blood' would atone for the rafh meafure. Daniel Sheldon, of Litchfield in Coatsefa-pe'acW.cnt Can it be the wiCi of onr ecommictj adram- cut, whofe .iategiity and coneetneuot un-uoon, i(lr3t;on inth!s m1,Ber to avo,d t"; - cxpenfe, derftanding cannot -be impeached, w,.s pre-m'ony. of ranfoming thofe unfortunate nu;n. fent at this convcrfation, and I km.w, waa , ,. . . ' , attentive to the whole And aitho' I have Impiacoments. Tne houfe o: ..cnreienta- notfeen him, nor heard a .elisor from him to ,mpeaen tnejaajes, wppen, -iskzcz, c.-.eemuiy appeal ;o ini 10.- r.ic trum 01 my Smith.. Two days were fper.t til difcuirng declaration, and ' the total untruth of Mr. the.fupject. On Tuefday laft tf c queftion 'GnfwoHs ftatcmeiits. on the refolution was taken .ad caiTxed, i he convcrfation with Ger. Skinner was noes twentyfemv : . m Nov. 1799 ; and I am confident, that the - wic wiiij iu -eiic yreir.'.ce a:;- uc.i..i u- vvngnc to-remo tne ici...or govern- inquires ; and 1 believe tr.e Kev. I.1r. Kur.t- ment from Wafhmgton has been difcufied mgton was prefent, during a? art, If not thc and deciaed ic the fenate of 'lie U. States, whole, of the cenverfatior.. My recoilcc-committce. uPon the fecond reading fit the bill the tioti of the fsntiisaitts, cxgrcBed tai General words, Satanon kMaylcnd, .were ftnckca Skinner, is, that I tcjd Jiim'tle . fpint of morning, tne 16th mftunt, 1, fent Mr. Tra- of any fuch thing. . ' - cys letter to Mr. Babcock. Inthe.Mercu- URIArl TRAC X . ry ct Thurfday laft, there appeared a fingu- : p n n Jr il ' ' h"" paragraph, which I beg '.the favour of - l O U-A.- &. inti-:7oi to.republifn,-as a famplc. of democratic ., " ' . julbcc- Whatever length of time Mr. Tra- JOHN ALSO?, ' M s letter may . have been in coming from T T . ' Wafhington, it. was in my keeping only i?r,.-if ? L" t from Saturday evening, till. Monday morn- Znlt ? ng-; and it there were erafures 111 it when trrf,.-wm fcilonvwirodcWterir. for o. it reached Mr. Babcock, they were there H'e reaucfts thofe Mcbted to him -o raa'" wnen lf camc '"to my poffeffion. However mete 'ymistif difagraeable it lij ay have been to Mr. Bab-, -vtarrforj Mar -6th -z' ' cock, to have received a communication "..X thro' my hands, it is certainly an extraordi- Zr'fw hLZZ-Ancient airy reafon for his refilling to pubhlh fo nd temperate an .anfwerrem Mr. - ' . ' . ,-' .'Trecy, and under'.his fignature, to the num- (AlWfctS.Jrj!.Ah. bcrlrfi. column, foni-rlrainy apwfr him, - - ' i'ellihgby . which, .ha-re been pubhmmg for feveral S. BELpEN & SOX. months paft in the, American Mercury. -. Werhcrtfiel'd, Aprils- ' .- - : However, or thcFrecmm s meeting approaches, AgA TJANIEL HOPKINS this denial of common juftice, will excite " . ' -the lefs wonder I, will only add, that Mr. -s sJ,r G-vr' ' Babcock might have fpared himfelf the trou-. Jj lV.Z ?urn Hhdl Src-vndo; in bb'-: --, -"-- - - i-- " RaiGns, Tamarinds -Citron, Rice. praved, as to necomc an object of his eltecm, AtlSO, or t0 o ranked among his friends. It is -o-:,.' oi. -,:v i.n.. to feel-any affciajon:for-me,.uulfs-it he of jjve stuffs. Pomice and Rotten Stone, tbatkmdwbubatsfatdfpttmcufalfertbar Hour of Potty, Emmery, Medical Mrtaw. ' majtsTs; . Theodore Dtvight. a variety of Lead Poa, Crucibles, &c. &c. .Hartford, -March 31, 1804. DRUGS 'MEDICINES, rm the Jmcruan Mercury of Thit-fdaj loft. A general-iflortment and -t rcafonab'e t;c,' h mBmwUm &wn w; . April a. . ' ". AS A Tracy, Efq. through the aednnn of Theodore LIST of LETTERS remainhi in Fmingt Dwi h ,requ?ft mav fc hm .PdUOffice, March 31ft. 1804. C Wc rc cvcr rcidJ to Mr. Tr proper - CoiCowLEs&Co.EdbcrtCoVies,w7ri.Cow, ,rfn:aj and to do him act juHicc we thc-c- O'Peter Fruman, 'Gideon' B. Hart, JamnKuot, fore decline publiflring it, for many 'reafon (n Channcv Hills, s, Lois Hiiis, Jamei Janes, Jo--: the firft place there aopWto be a little ' Le fephLano-dun, I,. Truman iedyard, James Roct, Eerdcmain" hi thc bufmds-thc communication iuanna StiUman, Salmon Way, Lot Woodruff,, is . Waihington, Feb. so, 1804," but is Alanfon Woodruff, Sol. Velton, Farmington. not received by the editor till the ioth.ofMsreh, Ira Brunfon, SamT Lewi;,' Soirthingtoa. '. being 36day (ih'feven days letters arc convey- Thomas Earns, Anna Coppsi Channcy Gay. to this city from Wafhington by the mail) on lord, Evits Husgcr&rc, Ira Ives, 'Ephraim Lind- the letter in which it. is received, is written Icy, jElihu Moses,. John Norton, Nathaniel Stsne, " Free Uriah Tracy," which is defaced by a BriftoL SAMUEL RICHARDS, P. M. pen Six orfeven lines of it are erafed, &e. and 'POTATOES we-done wiih a different kind of ink all this con- jTl n, f ' ' 1 t-M--pen, .neScd with other recent circumftancet, makes it -A . Few Hundred Jiudieis, tor .ale, at Mr. look. as. if a little " pious fraud" had been prac- Jonathan itam.ey s ccl-ar. -nquire tifei Why alltiiiu? why this erafure? why or him, or , . Jl.ani.n. liapnu.s. is the communication kept from us for more April s. , - AS than a month? Is it .that the people may fay,- THOMAS KEENER, , why has the editor of the Mercury not given it STOCKING HOSIER, Uufria Xc--Ycrh to the public till this late hour 'undoubtedly -eans to continue in win and carry o this was the deiign it was" intended forthe pur- Jy his biifinefs, in -all -Its rsriaui branches, in pofc of getting us into a ." fcnipe.'.' Mr. Tracy thc houfe that Mr. Bccket, o!ackl"ini:h. formerly' nra' bc sflhrcd that no .communication from him, 0:cnpic(J. STOCKING HOSIERY, -fine zui thzz received through tix nand3 of 1 hcodore co3rrc SHTS.TS, DRAWERS, &c. &c-much '!ght'' WT 5 appc" m , T"''v" Hartford, March , 1804. , . 44 Whatever he win.eS.ro nave puohuied m the GALL A UDET"&" HOP'ONS:"" TAVG bytl cornet diudAeir r direct, and not pal, tirougii . tne nanus ot . ta-ddlted ,v: CJlm "c '- make pa.yment t'o cither ol. 'the fubferibcrs. (Copt.) , PETER W. GALLAUDET, ChyofWajhingion, aota Feb. 1S04. THOMAS HOPKINS. . Mr.BABCOCK, Hartford, 2 April, 1804. - .AS:- SIR I HAVE fecn m your papers of p f AT T AJTrtVT the 29th of Dec. and eth of January laft, Jr. VV . jSL1-.SIU.U I , two certificates or . Statements of the Rev. At his Store the EaJ.f.d, cf tl, M-Stmt, ofr Stanley Gnfwold ; and in the paper of the, ac.wi.-.'W, So::yS;U,i-Bo:-Ji lath of January laft, a certificate, figned .Has received from London and opened for &lc, Timothy Skinner. The two gentlemen, in Belt- fuperfine Cloths & CdSlBeres; the publications alluded to, have attacked black,blUcandotherdarkcolour. me ; and nnce you have pubhfhed the f- intending to reU.offhisprcfeatflock of Cloths, arf, I rcquelt you to publifh the e0. I &c. he will difpofe of their, at reduced prices may think it expedient, hereafter, to make wholefalc or retail. Alfifir. rn:s was 'Cur to me, as .a copy or tne comrnn- j oymcu 101 a reugiaiu vji, u.iu iwi nication to Mr. Babcoe k, and with it, ade- had converfed- vtiih'fome body, who va of fire, that if he refined to pubh'fli Mr. Tra- the fame opinion ; and the eoavei-flition a- K-'IL.-iDELFHLi, March 17. We nnderftand that ur-gowrument p:eparing with all expedition to difpatcn. three tngates to the Mediterranean, in con- feufce of the capture ofthc Philadelphia. The economies of our adminutr.ition are the advio-.of an 'experienced, officer of the 'navy, and loft... Now it fcems, after the- t!V!s ot tn.s itate nave aaoptca a; re.oiurior. , "5"'f rawn(.-Tlie pt npoF.tion of , ? , v . ' - 7" " , 'ths plzct to . whica the rcarjii fiiould be made. I. was Jicn moved.tn.. the oul pafs to a third reading : but the motion was loft, ayes 9, noes 19. Here is therefore an end t0 the project of removing. . - ' Meflrs. Hudson & Goooris, ON Saturday evening the 14th inftant, I received a letter, directed in the ha.id-writ- inS of the Hon. Uriah Tracy, to Elidia Babcock, editor of the .American Mercury, with 3 rcqueft that I would trar.fmit it to him for pubfication in that .paper. At the ume time, the paper -which accompanies Mercury, that I would'.hand this to you for infertion in thc Couranl:. Early on Monday """"e. "' ...u .l, u.tin very certain, tiat preeat, he has' no ' caufe t ;en. Timothy dinner have puoKmed. ;b? Msrcnry. two. cor.verfhtioris upon Po- Uitical fuojefls, whicn, -they, fay, I had with' t,.em refpective.y, iomc years ago. A I aro acting m a public and politic.:! capacity, and trie ixwm.eft-mt-.ntton of the 1755.; and although many years ajrrv yet I have a clear recollection of the'-fabftancs on tms luojecr, ttnectoe puolicaticn ; yet , John AIlenjAaron Smith, and Jissss Gould, , . ftitiition of our rcpuoljcan iorm of socm- n.eue muft fad bnore it ; and expre:ltd-r appnbrJim or anarchy, out-of wh'.c.i sit:.: ante a defpotitm, and no:, my -attfi-torany fuch thing. I did nc: expreis to Gs; S. as my fentiment or wiih, that -.vs oa?h: to have a Chief Magiftrate Emilar to a king, wita Ens thoufands to bay men to h-.s lnterei:, nor that the Senate ought to be hrreditaiy. The gentlemen prcfent at our convcr-ationj can certainly correct Gtn. S. or-me, which- evcrmay be incorrect-; and tc them ve mule appeal. As to laying, tne Oonititf.tion cugut to .mentions.in the clofe- of Mi. certificate,.! muft fay, that I have not the Staff ncd!eS:or. Teas of all kinds Elfcuit and Crackers. s , rr kind.- &c Set. AJi k .-

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  • — Uriah Tracy rebuts Gen Skinner and Rev (later Senator) Stanley Griswold. Griswold a relation by marriage of Skinner

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